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You Tube videos

Hey wizard and dragon fans! I've been thinking. I know I can just put You Tube videos on my blog but sometimes the videos are completely off subject and I still want you to see them so this is where you'll find them enjoy! :)
WARNING! DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! This is pretty much as close as humans can get to breathing fire, but there is a big difference between the way dragons breath fire and the way humans breath fire. Dragons breath fire only when threatened. (Or in Ziggy and Zany's case whenever they get annoyed.) you got that right. Anyway, dragons need gas to breath fire, and one way they can get that gas is by eating swamp plants. They store the gas in a special pocket in their stomach. They use that gas for fire breathing later. Did I mention the gas also helps dragons fly? (stay on subject Archmage.) Oh! Right. Humans breath fire by first lighting up a torch. Then they take a big gulp of water, but instead of swallowing it they hold it in their mouth. After that they spit out a short stream of the water making the fire move like a fireball.
Is this game cool, or what!!!!! I love this game, and can't wait to have it! It's going to be sooo awesome!!! In this video with the help of a dragon Maxwell (the main character) saves a wizard! Hooray for Maxwell!!! I haven't watched the whole video yet, so if there is any bad language or something that shouldn't be in there email me using the email address on the
"Email Archmage" page.