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Man! I hate writing blog posts in the morning. Yesterday I was going to write a blog post to you guys but I fell asleep so now I'm here writing one in the morning. Why do I hate writing this stuff in the morning? Well the first reason is that I like spending the whole day doing stuff that I need to do and I usually write what happened over the day at night so I can explain everything that happened over the day. But I know that's not a problem right now because I'm going to write what happened yesterday but I feel like I should be doing something important right now like gathering food and water for my survival. Anyway yesterday Zany, Ziggy, and I left camp to do some exploring. There Isn't much life around here but the grapes still seem fine and the water doesn't have any dangerous animals in it and is fine to drink so far. The forest goes as far as the eye can see I sent Ziggy up to see if he could find anything when he came back down he said there was a large temple north west of camp (did I ever mention I can speak dragonese). we decided we would go visit that temple the next night which since I am writing this in the morning that would make it tonight. So now before I forget let me mention a couple  of  books about wizards and dragons. One book I know you'll like is a book called Dragonsdale. Cara is a young girl who lives on Dragonsdale one of the few dragon farms on the isles of Bresal mystical islands that are hidden by a veil of mist. Cara has always wanted to fly a dragon of her very own but she has one in particular dragon in mind a dragon called Skydancer. But her father will not let her ride any dragon because of a riding accident that had killed Cara's mother when Cara was a little kid. Will Cara ever get to ride Skydancer? With the help of Cara's friend Breena and a new stable assistant Drane her wish to ride Skydancer might come true. so if you do want to find out, which I suggest you should, go to a bookstore or your local library and see if they have Dragonsdale in stock and now on to book two. When two twins, Sophie and Josh Newman, find a job right for them (Sophie being in a coffee shop because she likes the fragrances and josh in a bookstore who likes the idea of being surrounded by books) an unsuspected visitor comes to town named Dee The bookstore owner has to find Sophie and Josh a safe place to hide for this visitor is not the kind who drops in to say hi to his old friend Nicholas Flamel the bookstore owner. But saving the twins unfortunately puts his wife Pernelle the coffee shop owner in danger of being captured. As the twins run on many adventures discovering who Nicholas Flamel really is and that they could be the twins of legend with pure gold and silver auras. The twins destined to save the world from the dark elders. so please at least try to find the book and read it I know that once you read it you will never forget it. So that concludes my daily information about wizards and dragons I will still post my daily info tonight and I hope you enjoy it.
Oh and I almost forgot I found this picture on wikimedia. Imagine it being a lot darker, no pathway, tangled thorn bushes, and you've got something that looks like the forest I'm in.

9/9/2009 09:33:27 am

ok u r officialy nuts.

9/21/2009 12:28:25 pm

ignore megan ok dude


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