Archmage DragonRider

Someone pinch me I must have dreamed up the whole day. It was all like the most wonderful fantasy I've had this summer. I woke up and I didn't have my morning catastrophic frog in my throat, had pretty much the whole morning to myself while Zany and Ziggy were sleeping to play or do anything I wanted, I went to my voice lessons and didn't have any problems with singing my scales and arpeggios, finally got the glasses I needed, Oh and guess what. I came home and found out Zany and Ziggy caught that pesky mole that kept eating my moms cantaloupes :) so all in all it was a great day:):):) so anyway I'm going to give you a couple of game about wizards and dragons you could at least look up. one is a game called Dragonology. It's an easy strategic based game that includes both wizards and dragons in a race to get three dragons and travel to the dragon's eye so you can win the game! Another game is one large multiplayer computer game called Wizard101. When wizard city is in danger a young wizard pops up that might have the potential to defeat Malistaire the evil ex-death class professor who is resposible for all of the evil going around can you defeat him in an attempt to save the spiral galaxy? Well you've heard it folks now you are informed on Dragonology and Wizard101 so I hope you have enjoyed this post:)
9/9/2009 09:16:48 am

*pinch* :) how come you got a great day? MEGAN WANT GOOD DAY!!!

Your friend and old classmate J.M.
10/12/2009 08:15:04 am

I can't wait till the book comes out!!!! Oh and that must of been a good day.


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