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Hey Wizard and Dragon fans! Well, It's finally that special time. December 1st. Sorry I haven't put up any posts since my last one on November 24th. Yeah, you know. I was kind of busy with Thanksgiving stuff. Very important holiday to my family. So yeah, I'm really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, sorry about all of that. Thanks for checking anyway. Did you tell all of your friends about my website? If so, good for you! If not, it's okay. You can still do it some other time. Everyone will enjoy what I have planned! (So tell them already! But don't duct-tape my mouth again, or I swear you'll have the hardest time going to sleep at night!) Okay, okay. Well, here it goes. In celebration of all te winter holidays, Christmas, Hannakah, Kwa- (Just get on wih it!) Fine!!! 'Kill joy' (I heard that! Remember? I'm in your head. I can hear your thoughts!) And that still creeps me out on so many levels. (Just tell them or I'll do it myself!) I'm starting and you'll be quite. Alright? (Just as long as you actually tell them about it.) Well, here's what you've been waiting for folks! The special surprise is... A DRAWING COMPETITION!!!!!!!!!! OW!!! OW!!! OWIIEEE!!!!! Oh, right! I almost forgot, but just got reminded of it. Thank you very much for setting my head on fire Ziggy. No Icecream for you tonight! The other special thing that Ziggy just reminded me of is the new blog! Don't look just yet though! You haven't finished reading this blog post! As you can see the new blog is called, Ask Ziggy, and Zany. Readers like you will email me and- Oh, nevermind! You will learn everything about Ask Ziggy, and Zany in the first, but sadly last, blog post that I, Archmage, puts there. Why? Well, because it's Ziggy, and Zany's blog. Anywho! Back to talking about the drawing competition! Note: I ask that everyone who is currently reading this post to particapate in the drawing competition. Readers like you will send me pictures of Wizards and Dragons that you draw, through the Email Archmage page seen above. Note: If the Email Archmage page is not on the list of pages seen above, that's because I'm still toying with the Email address to get it to work the right way. Check on my website tommarow and I'm positive you will find it. Along with the picture you must send me a pen name. It cannot be your real first name, or your real last name. You may not use a friend's name either. Just make up a name. Like for instance, "Smelly Bob", or how about "Shark Hugger"? You may not use my name even if you really want to. If you use my name I will not have your drawing count in the competition. And if Frostagian or Tom want to enter the drawing competition they may not enter their art with the name Tom, or Frostagian. The drawings will be compared on age groups. There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for all readers age 1 through 13, and there will also be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for readers 14, and up. You may enter only up to 3 drawings maximum. This will be a very fun activity if everyone does it fair. So I can't wait to see your drawings reader. Tommarow for part of my home schooling Frostagian, and I are going to a history museam! So make sure to look at my website tommarow! Remember as soon as you see the Email Archmage page email me all your wonderful drawings. Send your drawing, the pen name you want, and have fun! Also remember to look at Ask Ziggy, and Zany for LOADS OF FUN!!!!!!!!!! Let the drawing begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12/1/2009 05:40:58 am

FWEE! I HAZ THE PERFECT NAME!*tapes up counsious again so she wont tell you*


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