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*Fizzle* *Crackle* *Fizzle* Hello? Is this thing working? Hey Wizard and Dragon fans! They've been blocking my transmissions so I haven't been able to post anything for a while. I'm sure you have a lot of questions, but for now just sit tight and listen. I hope this will answer at least a few of your questions. So as I said on that other post Tom and I were going on some sort of a one time space camp thing.The chauffeur dropped us off at a big building, and we walked inside. Tom looked like a normal kid because he had put on an ID mask. It's supposed to change your appearance for when you need to look like something else. So far everything was like a normal field trip. They were doing a simulation where the probe team had to repair a space probe, and create a new one to pick up rock and soil samples on the moon. The Med. team had to keep everyone on the spaceship healthy. The Isolation team had to use mechanical arms to handle stuff we can't touch. The Navigation team looked at messages sent by mission control, and forwarded them to the people they were supposed to get to. Don't ask me why. They told us which teams we were on, and sent us to the space craft. Tom and I were on the probe team. When we got on the space shuttle simulator we slipped on our special, white, lab coats, we were the only people who got to wear lab coats! YAY!, and slipped into the airlock room. We grabbed the broken probe with an, on computer, digital, robotic arm. We were almost finished fixing the probe, when suddenly there came a loud crashing noise. Everyone in the space shuttle simulator looked up. Then it came again, but louder this time. The plaster ceiling crumbled a little, and we could see white speck falling from it. "Well this isn't good." Tom said, and I just stood there holding my breath in fear of what was to fall from the ceiling. It came just as I expected.
What came through the ceiling wasn't a troll though, and it certainly wasn't a basilisk. Surprisingly it wasn't my evil, seven year old, cousin Ricky either. No, It definitely wasn't Ricky. It was some sort of robot. It's shiny, metallic, plating was painted a bright, yet deadly, red and orange. There was a strip of very advanced mechanical stuff across the front of it's, dome shaped, helmet. It was located around where the eyes would be on a human, so I could only guess that's what it sees through. It's robotic fist quickly converted into what looked like some sort of plasma cannon. It raised it's weapons, and pointed them at the two adults in the room saying, "This is marine droid #54271. By order of the Mecha supreme you are to be terminated immediately." It's voice sounded digital and robotic. Kind of like the voice you would find in a Sci-fi movie. But that is what's least important right now. We had to get everyone out! So with my wand in my hand I yelled, "Teleportatia!"And Just like that, everyone disappeared. There was only one problem though. Tom and I were still there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Darn this wand!" I yelled. "It only works to a certain limit!" "He he he. Archmage?" Tom said nervously. I turned around, and there was the robot. He was pointing his plasma cannon at me, when I heard a digital say, "Target locked." "Oh no he didn't." I said. "Yeah, he did." said Tom. "And I think we should move out of the way right about... NOW!!!!!" Tom tackled me to the ground, just as the plasma blast was about to knock my head off. "Charging... charging... charging..." "Okay," I said. "Whoever wants to vote for running away screaming, say aye." Tom raised his hand and asked,"Is the screaming part really necessary?" "No." "Then I say aye!" "On the count of five." I said "One... two..." "Charging... charging... charging complete." "Five!!!" Tom and I shouted as we leaped for the door leading out of the space shuttle simulator. We made it just in time, as the wall behind us exploded. We ran, and ran, until we felt like we were going to collapse. I looked down at the tile floor gasping for breath, and then as suddenly as when the Mecha marine burst through the ceiling, I had an idea. I stopped running, and took out my wand. "Why are you stopping?!" Tom whispered. "We've got that psycho robot hot on our trail, remember?!" I whispered a spell and the tile lifted up exposing a hide away. The entrance grew wide enough to climb in. "Come on! Climb in!" I whispered. "No way!" said Tom. "I've had it with dark enclosed spaces!!!" Then we heard the sound of clanking metal running towards us. "Then again, the alternative is our absolute demise" said Tom quickly climbing into the hide away. After he went in I followed, and swiftly closed the entrance. The Mecha marine's footsteps went directly above us and paused for awhile, as if it had no idea where we were. Then it moved on continuing it's search. Wait. What day is it? Wednesday, January 13th, 2010!!!!! Either this computer got really messed up from all that running away, or something's going terribly wrong! I'm going for number two, but that's just my opinion. Sorry this is all I can say. The Mecha are on to me already. They're probably going to cut me off any second n- *Fizzle* *Crackle *Fizzle* beeeeeeooooooop...................................................
1/24/2010 09:58:46 am


The training station thingamabob is in Indiana, right?Somebody please tell me.Pleeeeeeeaseeee?

2/5/2010 05:17:58 am


Im going to get Ziggy and Zany. While holding the computer.
OH ERAGON! THERE ARE WILD POKEMON OUT HERE!That gives me an idea.Archmage, get ready to have an army of more than 493 save you.SPACE STATION, HERE WE COME!


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