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Hey Wizard and Dragon fans! Strange thing happened this morning. Remember my last post where I fell asleep? Well this morning I woke up, flicked open the computer, and the date was October 31, 2009. Normally a day in this dimension is 12 days longer than a day on earth even though they both feel the same, but Wiz tech. made a solution for that. It's a device that changes the time zone around you so that the time runs the same on that planet as it does on earth. By the way don't ask me how they do it. That's far from my understanding. (Yeah, about 999,999,999,999 light years away.) Hey! I thought we said no more talking on my blog posts! (Too bad!) You know? Maybe I should get rid of you now! I just have to reach my wand and, (Not if I can help it!) Aaaagghhh! Stop controlling my hand! (Stop hitting yourself. Stop hitting yourself.) Ouch! Ouch! Wait, why is my typing hand still typing? (I don't know. It has seemed to have a mind of it's own lately.) Oh well never mind let's just get back to the post already. (Fine.) Anyway off the strange subjects, and back to the mission. We are all relaxing on our jet, well actually Frostagian and I are relaxing but I told Ziggy and Zany that Adam is a secret milkshake seller in disguise. Boy, is he mad. As the pilot said "We are about to land at the destination point. Please buckle your seat-belts." Ziggy and Zany dove into my backpack screaming,"Aaaagghhh! Scary voice!" and the rest of us buckled our seat-belts. When we landed we got out of the jet and started looking around. The landscape was flat, sandy, but most of all empty. The only part of the planet we could see, that didn't look like a million mile wide sandbox, was a giant gorge in front of us. "The council says that you need to go down that canyon, and to give you these." the pilot said handing us a backpack bulging with stuff. "Not million pound backpacks." Frostagian groaned. "I have enough trouble with those at school." but when we put them on they weighed nothing. I couldn't even tell whether I was wearing it or not. "Let me guess." I said. "Enchanted backpacks from Wiz tech." "Wow! You have to admit these are pretty cool." Adam said rolling his shoulders "Yeah I could get used to this." commented Frostagian. "Anything else?" I asked the pilot. "They said to give you this letter." he said handing me an envelope with a wax seal. I tore off the wax seal and opened the letter and started reading it. It read, "Dear young magic users, We thank  you for going on this mission. In your bags we have packed the essentials to climb down the canyon and retrieve the Jewel. You will find grappling hooks with unbreakable ropes, a small enchanted food wallet that never runs out of food, a water bottle that stays cool and refills itself when empty, a titanium wand that you will find very useful and so far the best spell casting wand there is, and finally a list of ten spells you will find in Archmage's pack. they can only be used once, so make sure to only use them in times of need. We wish you good luck, and hope for you to return safely. From the council of magic. "Wow." Adam noted "Wait there's something on the back!" said Frostagian. I turned it over and read, "This message will explode in ten seconds." Then we looked at each other did what any brave wizard would do. We panicked "Aaaagghhh!" Ziggy flew out of my backpack and looked at the letter. He must have thought it looked tasty because one moment I have an exploding envelope in my hand the but then I see dark green scaly jaws shoot out and it's gone. "Mm mm." Ziggy hummed licking his lips with his forked tongue. "Uh-Oh." we all said in unison. Ziggy opened his eyes wide hiccuped and out came a stream of smoke. "Ziggy! Are you okay?!" I shouted "Ooohhh... don't feel good." he murmured in dragonese "He's alright." I chuckled. "Let's get going." We walked over to the face of the cliff, secured our grappling hooks to the ground, and made our way down into the dark abyss. Half way down, or what we think had to be at least halfway down, we were all hungry. " I'm so hungry my stomach is talking to me." Frostagian groaned "I'm so hungry This rock seems appetizing." Adam moaned "I'm starving too. Maybe we should stop and eat for a while I said "HOORAY!" Adam cheered he turned around and his backpack fell off his shoulders retreating down into the darkness. "Noooo!." Adam yelled "Phooey! I thought that only happened in the movies. "Don't worry I still have mine. I think." She felt around for her pack and we saw another one falling into nothingness. "I think I'll wait until we get to the bottom." I said "Yeah me, too." commented Frostagian "I'm not hungry anymore." put in Adam. Suddenly I felt my rope wiggling. "Do you guys feel that?" I asked "Uh huh" they said. "Dang." cursed Adam "Why us?" We heard three clicks, and what do you know. They certainly were our ropes. "Aaaagghhh!" We screamed as we fell into the unknown below. "TAKE OUT THE SPELL LIST! TAKE OUT THE SPELL LIST!" Adam repeatedly yelled "BUT THEY'RE ONLY SUPPOSED TO BE USED IN EMERGENCIES!" I yelled back "WHAT DO YOU CALL THIS?!?!" "Oh yeah." I said. Taking out the list of emergency spells I read a levitation spell "We are in a bit of a serious fall, make this levitation spell work for us all!" The ground was coming on fast and we braced our self's for impact. We waited, but nothing happened. No crash, snap, or splat. I opened my eyes and saw the ground an inch away from my nose. "Hey, guys." I said "We're safe the spell worked, Oh and somehow our unbreakable ropes broke." *phew* Frostagian sighed "After this I am so not traveling down canyons anymore." "Hey," said Adam "Found our packs, and an entrance." I looked at it and heard a voice saying "Hey! Your not supposed to be down here!" "Do caves talk?" I asked worriedly. "Only if there are angry goblin guards with spears inside." remarked Frostagian "Why us!" Adam moaned again. "I'll take care of this" Frostagian walked into the cave opening. We heard an "Uh Oh.", saw some ice breath and Frostagian walked out a 12 foot tall frost dragon licking her lips saying "Mmmmm. Frozen goblin." What could Adam and I say in response other than "Eeeeewwww! Nasty!" "Hahaha!" She laughed "If you were a dragon you'd think so too." She changed back into human and we walked into the cave. What we saw next still astounds us. We walked into a room filled with treasure beyond my wildest dreams. There were piles of jewels, and gold. Crowns that might have belonged to great kings. But of all the treasure the biggest Item was a gem stone bigger than the one in the temple. "That has to be the thing we're looking for. I bet my Were-stone on it." said Frostagian. "We'll need a distraction though." I whispered. Frostagian and I looked at Adam. "What? No no no. You can't make me." "One, two, three, GO!" we shouted pushing him out. The goblins stared at him with anger "Oh, darn." "Get him!" The goblins made a mad dash at Adam. Forget about the secret milkshake salesman joke he'll think of ways to get back at me for this one a million times over. "Aaaagghhh!" he screamed insanely as if he had just won $1,000,000, except without all the horror. "Go! Go! Go!" I said. Frostagian and I ran across the room with Ziggy and Zany close behind. Half of the goblins noticed us and ran towards us. "We don't have enough time Archmage!" "We have to make the last 50 yards!" I yelled "Then let's get going!" She morphed into a dragon and said, "Hold on!" "Shouldn't you be doing that?!" I yelled. She only chuckled. Flying in the air was exhilarating yet terrifying at the same time. When we got there I walked up to the gem reaching out my arms to grab it but right when I touched it, it disappeared. "You have got to be kidding me." I complained. "GET US OUT OF HERE!!!" Shouted Adam. I took out the spell list and recited what I hoped was a teleportation spell. "I don't like where we've gone from the place we first departed, please take us back to where we started!" There was a flash of light and we were by the jet plane again. The pilot was standing outside the ship waiting for us. "So, how did it go?" he asked "Just take us home." I said. When I got home I remembered it was Halloween night. And It was pretty disappointing how I spent it.
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Yay Archmage! Don't worry I'll post comments on your blog! Wait a sec! I am Archmage! Why am I commenting on my own blog post??? OH NO!!! I got so lonely I've started sending myself comments!!!!!! Someone! Anyone! Help me!!! Please comment on my blog, or I'll go crazy!!!

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About the goblin: he thawed out and Xyla got to him before i did.And now that i think about it, I should have turned to a dragon and caught you guys when our ropes broke.Sorry.But I was kinda hyper at the time thanks to lots of candy that morning.
Website is Bulbapedia account.

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A certain were-dragon we know is irritated that he didn't get to go on the mission.But I went on a mission to search for relics today.


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