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Hey Wizard and Dragon fans! I had a horrible dream last night I went on another mission to find the jewel and my evil seven year old cousin Ricky came along and... oh, wait. That's reality. GRRRRRR!!!!! Okay, maybe I'm over reacting, and cousin Ricky isn't out to ruin my life. Next thing I know Ricky comes in and says, "Time for breakfast loser." No. I'm definitely not over reacting. I come out of my tent to find everybody around the fire pit. "What took you so long?" asked Frostagian "Yeah, breakfast is over now. There's nothing left." said Adam "Oops." said Ricky innocently. "I guess I forgot to wake you up on time." "Could things get any worse?" I thought to myself. Once again I spoke too soon. Ziggy and Zany come out of Ricky's tent and act as if I don't exist. "Well better get camp set up." Ricky stands up, takes his wand out, and casts a spell putting the entire camp in his pack. Frostagian whistles and Adam just stands there with his jaw dropped. Ricky's not only great at magic, but he's also good at finding ways to rub it in your face. So now that the moment of bragging is over everyone puts on their flying shoes, and ties on straps so they don't fall off. Before we take off Tom brings me over to where nobody else can hear us and says, "I've heard that annoying humans make great goblin bait. How much do you want for the little show-off?" "Sorry, as much as I like the idea I'm afraid he's not for sale." "Oh come on. It would be a pleasure to take him off your hands and stuff him into the mouth of a king goblin. We'd be doing a service for whatever peace is left in the world." "I wish I could, but my parents would be mortified and they would either disown me or feed me to Fred the troll at magic academy." I said regretfully. "Oh, and by the way," I added. "When I say Fred will eat anything, I mean he'll literally eat anything that's in front of him." "Oh well." sighed Tom "Whatever you want. But just remember my offer." "Will do." I said. "Will do." "You slugs ready?!?" mocked Ricky. "We're coming, we're coming. Yeesh!" I muttered. So we set off once again down into, the seemingly bottomless, pit of darkness. At that moment I didn't know just how true that was. We were descending for what seemed like forever with little or no talk between the long lasting minutes. Adam only said one thing. "I wonder if these shoes can get tired and fall asleep." everyone's face was pale for the rest of the way down, except for Ricky's of course. I'll bet the little brat didn't answer that question just to keep us all nervous. Well, I can definitely say it worked. "Will this dreaded descent ever end?!?!" Tom yelled to the minuscule dot, that was the huge cerulean sky. As if to answer his question, lots of small flickering lights appeared below us. "Wow. Well, there's your answer I guess." mused Frostagian. "That's got to be the goblins new hideout." said Ricky. "Duh!" I thought. But as we came closer I realized it wasn't a flat surface. The hideout was made of multiple ledges like the one we camped on last night. "Wow!" whispered Adam "That must have been hard to set up." "Yes, you can see that this fortress of theirs took awhile to build." Tom whispered back. I was about to look back in my pack and tell Ziggy and Zany to not take anything right now, but I forgot that Ziggy and Zany went to the dark side. They didn't even look like they wanted the beautiful, shiny, gold and jewels. I floated there hoping this madness would soon end. Ricky would go home, Ziggy and Zany would come to their senses flying back to me, and everything would be normal again. "Okay." I said. "On three we make a mad dash for the Dragon Jewel, and after that we skedaddle out of here as fast as our winged shoes will us." "One... two... THREE!!!" we all started off towards the gem. Of course all the goblins ran to stop us, but what surprised everyone except Tom and I most was that when the goblin king ran over and picked up the Dragon Jewel Ricky came over and the goblin king kneeled before him. "All hail Ricky. Lord of chaos!" the goblin king shouted in his gruff voice. "Okay, now I'm really confused. I thought Ricky was on our side" said Adam "Yeah, this is getting a little too weird." agreed Frostagian. "I knew it the moment I met him." I yawned. "But he still shouldn't have." I added quickly. "All I don't understand though is how this fits in your plan to rule, and/or destroy everything." "Well It's pretty simple now." said Ricky. "The Dragon Jewel isn't just a close to the Wizard, Dragon peace treaty. It holds great power that the 'so called' Grand Council wouldn't use because of their foolishness. With this jewel I can bring the great dragon back to life. But when I bring him back to life he is forced to obey my every orders." While half of me was busy being horrified and impressed the other half noticed Ziggy and Zany were still perched on Ricky's pack, and apparently they didn't like what they were hearing. So right as my evil cousin finished his speech Ziggy decided to give Ricky a hot-foot. "OUCH!!!!!" he screamed, flinging the Dragon Jewel into the air. Preforming a wonderful loop-de-loop Zany grabs the jewel and gracefully lands on my shoulder along with Ziggy. "FLY!" I yelled. And we took off soaring hi into the sky. Ricky tried to follow, but thankfully for us that hot-foot Ziggy gave him burned the wings off his shoes. After reaching the top, which seemed to only take five minutes, we got in the new jet the pilot ordered, and flew home. Usually when you get home from something on a Friday you play video game, or go over to a friends house. But today I explained the whole story to my parents, had them teleport the Dragon Jewel to the council with a brief report, and fell asleep even though my clock said it was 4:00 pm.
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OMG! Your website is so awesome. All my friends LOVE IT! This blog post was especially awesome! Can't wait for next post! You are my favorite website host! You are so cool!


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Once I said that I went on a hunt for relics.Well, that was with Tom.AND NO I DON'T LOVE HIM!HE'S JUST A FRIEND!

11/23/2009 01:02:00 am

yeah, Frostagin is telling the truth!


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