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Finally it is now the end of a very long and stressful day. I woke up from a sleep-over at my friend's house and played video games with him while trying to stay awake, had to go to my mom's office and play with some other people who might be in my history class in the new school I'm going to be in, and finally coming home only to find Zany and Ziggy tearing up my pillows (sigh). well I at least hope you had a good day today (oh and P.S. if you think your day was worse than mine write me a post about it). So anyway before we forget allow myself to list a couple of books that I think are worthy to be put on this post. (ahem!) one of the books I find very popular around the neighborhood is one called Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke it's a book about a young dragon named Firedrake, a sour pussy cat named Sorrel, and a human child named Ben who tags along on the journey. When Firedrake's home is threatened by humans he has to find a new place safe from the prying eyes of humans. I also have read this book and I think it's a great book for any reader of any age. anyway onto book two. Dealing with dragons is what critics (and most importantly me) think is the perfect book for a Sunday afternoon or whenever. When all of princess Cimorene's fun classes (including her fencing classes, her magic classes, and even her cooking classes) are put to an immediate stop by her mother and father who thinks what a proper princess should be doing are classes like sewing and embroidery. She goes out for a walk one day muttering to herself and saying her life is so horrible that she would rather be eaten by a dragon than continue it when she stumbles upon a toad that says that he has some friends who could help her. So if you happen to have the time that I don't have to go and get that book it would be worth the while. so any way this was my daily post from Archmage101 signing off.
10/9/2009 11:48:49 am

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