Archmage DragonRider

You will not believe what happened today! My family went to Burger King and got a kids meal for my little brother and I but you know I just don't like the toys I get the toys for Zany and Ziggy because they just happen to love them. Well it just so happens that one of the 2 toys happens to have little parts inside to make it work and you know when the people who come up with the ideas for the kids meals they don't expect something like a wyvern cracking it open and accidentally swallowing some of the pieces but that's exactly what happened to Ziggy. But by some means of a miracle we got a professional dragonleech/dragon doctor to come over to my house and he said that we should give him a good night's rest and this medicine. when he left I asked my mom and dad what the medicine did but they only said that I'd find out tomorrow. So now I'm more anxious than a dog with 10 flea circuses on it's back and Zany is worrying her tail off (sigh) I just hope Ziggy is all right. I'm so sorry reader but I'm to worried to post any info today. So when Ziggy gets better tomorrow I'll not only have my daily info on wizards and dragons but I will also have put on some you tube videos. Now good day to you sir/mam.

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