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Hey Wizard and Dragon fans! How are you all doing? Something finally happened today! We sent Ziggy and Zany to the "Wizard Pet Care-taking Center" so we could set up the Christmas tree without it catching on fire like last year's tree. After finishing my homework, at around 1:00 pm, the doorbell rang. I opened the door, but nobody was there. I turned around to walk back inside when suddenly, I tripped over a box. I stood back up thinking "How did that get there?". The mysterious gift was about the size of a microwave oven, carefully wrapped in green wrapping paper with red stripes crisscrossing over the sides, and topped with a large, sparkly, silver ribbon. Just by first glance you could tell that whoever sent this wanted it to look fabulous. There was a card tied under the ribbon. It looked like a page from a really old book, yellow, a little bit wrinkled. I took the card out, and opened it. It read,

          Dear Archmage,
This Christmas is going to be a joyous time, so it took me awhile to figure out what to give you. I believe the thing in this box is just what you need to have a good time. His name is, Audrey Jr. You know the man eating plant Audrey from the movie "Little Shop of Horrors"? Let's just say that it wasn't fiction. Always take him with you wherever you go. Have a merry Christmas!
                                                                                                                             Your Secret Santa.

I stuck the letter in my pocket, and tore off the wrapping paper. Underneath the wrapping paper  was a box with a lid on it. Inside I could hear a noise. It sounded like a tree's leaves rustling on a windy day.  I opened the lid and there right before my very eyes was... Okay, don't think I'm crazy because of the next thing I'm going to say. But, right before my very eyes was a "Venus flytrap". This wasn't one of the ordinary ones though. No, no, no. This one obviously was enchanted! How do I know? Well, the arms, and legs, made of vines kind of tipped me off. The creature sat up and yawned, revealing a wide array sharp, red, teeth. "B-b-brr! C-can it g-get any c-c-colder out h-h-here?" it thought to me in a stuttering voice. Yes, that's what I said. The enchanted Venus flytrap thought to me. You see? Sometimes other living, instead of talking out loud like we do, talk through telepathy. They find it quicker, and easier. "B-b-b-bring me inside or I'll b-b-bite your f-f-fingers off." Oh, goody. Of all the enchanted, talking, Venus flytraps in the world I get the one with an attitude. First my conscience, then Ziggy and Zany, now this. Why me? I took the plant inside, and was just about to use magic to light a fire in the fireplace when Audrey Jr. shrieked "N-nooo!!! M-m-my leaves w-will shrivel up!" "Well, how else do you want me to keep you warm?!?!" I growled. He looked around, and finally pointed at my mom's laptop "T-t-t-there. That l-l-looks w-warm enough." I wanted to protest, but he'd already tired me out in the time it took Ziggy and Zany to burn down last year's Christmas tree. So I picked him up, and laid him on the silver top of mom's computer. Later while I was typing on my laptop I got an email. I opened it. It was from the Wizard academy. I typed in my password, which I'm not telling you, and signed in. The wizard council has found mysterious tremors coming from Austin, Texas, and they wanted Tom, Frostagian, Adam, and me to investigate it. The private jet would be outside as soon as I click "ready". I packed my Wizard backpack, adding all the essentials. I came back downstairs, ready to go, "and looked over at my "Secret Santa" gift. "It would be easy to leave him behind." I thought to myself. "All I have to do is click the ready button, hop in the private jet, and Hakuna Matata!" "But what if he ruins the house? Mom and dad will kill me." I let out a big sigh, and nudged Audrey Jr. awake. "Wake up Audrey Jr. I have to go, and you have to come with me." "Don't c-c-call me that. C-call m-m-me Audrey." I picked him up, and clicked the ready button. Hearing a large, *whoosh!*, outside I went outside. My ride was here. I climbed on. Everybody was already there. "Hey, Archmage! What took you so long?" said Adam "This." I replied, holding up Audrey. "Whoa! Cool! Where did you get that?" "Yeah! I never seen something like that in the wizard pet store!" piped in Frostagian. "Looks like some ugly mutated dwarf to me." said Tom reaching his hand out. In response Audrey stretched out his neck, and nearly bit off Tom's fingers. "No! Bad enchanted plant!" I snapped at him. Audrey hissed at Tom, and curled up in my backpack. "Where's Ziggy and Zany?" asked Frostagian. "We sent them to the wizard pet sitters." "Why?" said Adam "You don't 'wanna know" "We are nearing destination point." crackled the electronic box overhead. Audrey hissed at it, and crawled deeper in my backpack. "What do you know? The thing's just like Ziggy and Zany!" Tom exclaimed. When we landed, and jumped outside, I felt a strange shaking coming from the ground. "Tremor!" yelled Adam. We all hugged the jet to keep steady, and as quick as it came up it went away. "Yikes." I said. "You can say that again." mentioned Frostagian. "I'd rather not." "So what now?" I asked. "The Council found an opening that might lead to the cause of the mysterious earthquakes." said the pilot. He was pointing to a cave in the side of the cliff. A rickety, old, bridge, held together with metal chains, was all that came between us, and the cliff side. That, and of course the bottomless chasm below. "Oh great." moaned Adam. "A broken down bridge. That sure builds my confidence." "Well, the day isn't getting any younger." I said. "Let's get going." Half way across the bridge, Audrey poked his green head out of my back pack. One look, and he sped back inside. I don't blame him. Right then even I wished I could hide in a nice, warm, backpack. We got across the bridge in about three minutes tops. Probably because of the fact that nobody wanted to fall in to the dark nothingness. We took a break in a little cavern by the cave entrance. Audrey said he was going to look for bugs to eat, and I was eating my lunch when I heard a grinding noise, And then a rattling snap! "Uh-oh" said Tom. We all ran to the bridge, and just like I'd expected, the bridge was broken, hanging on the other side of the cliff. Audrey ran up beside me and Thought, "W-w-what h-happen- whoa!" "I think somebody doesn't want us to leave just yet." I said.
12/27/2009 01:50:50 am

You guys seem to keep forgetting that I am a were-dragon and always have a were-stone on hand.

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