Archmage DragonRider

I am so sorry I was gone so long readers It's just that... there was... um... let me try to explain the whole story It all started at the state fair in Kentucky. One reason my family goes there every year is that we lik riding rides another reason is that there is a secret dragon showing there. Every year people come from all over the states to show off their knowledge  about their wizardry and their dragons. so every year we bring in Zany and Ziggy. So anyway when we got there we said the password for that year's competition, we went through the teleporter to the realm the counsel of magic made just especially for the occasion. so we entered Ziggy in the flying competition and we entered Zany in the obedience competition. but something happened in the middle of the flying competition and a pack of fire dogs jumped in from another dimension but they can't do that. while part of my brain stayed confused the other part cooked up a plan I was about to share it with my family when I realized they were gone. In all the chaos we got separated so I just had to put my plan into action by myself. Gripping my dad's laptop underneath my arm (don't ask me why I brought it) I lept out of the stands and yelled at one of the fire dogs "HEY! WHAT'S THE MATTER CAN'T HIT A MOVING TARGET?" the fire dog growled and leaped at me just as I planned. I moved out of the way just in time before it clawed me in half but it missed me and tore through another dimension. I whistled signaling Ziggy and Zany to follow me and we dove through the dimension hole. when we got up we were in a dark place that kind of resembled a forest. except it was darker than a normal forest like I could feel an eerie aura about it. days passed and I have found grape vines that I could eat grapes from and a stream to drink from. Now we've about caught up to the present time where I'm still writing blog posts to you. Zany and Ziggy are fine and I am doing just great I'm going to see if I can find a way to see if I can get to the counsel of magic and return home.
9/9/2009 09:31:14 am

WHAT? There is no way zat happened. really.

9/21/2009 12:30:18 pm

all your blogs rock it is awesome ok


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