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Hey Wizard and Dragon fans! Sorry I haven't posted much. It's been a slow two weeks, and five days since my last mission. The council was really befuddled as to how the ropes on our grappling hooks snapped. There has been a big debate over weather or not they should risk another team to go get the gem, or not go after the gem at all. Finally they decided to let us have another go at it. Except this time we are going with a professional goblin hunter. He goes by the name, Tom Berserkerblade. About now you must be thinking "Whoa! Archmage is so lucky!" Well, I sure wasn't thinking that. (No. You were more like "Awww. But I'm tired. I'm hungry. I'm such a baby.") Hey! Zip it brain boy! (Thhhppppppbbbbbtttt!!!!) Boy that was mature. Anywaaay. It was a disaster. My cousin Ricky was coming over and I had to watch him. Did I mention that the little guy is 7. He knows magic too which makes him even worse. He is a magical genius, and he always makes me look bad. Everyone is always like, "Why can't you be as good as little Ricky? He knows how to help." or, "You could learn a thing or two from Ricky. He won the Wizard country competition you know." and when I told them I couldn't watch him because of the mission they thought it would be just great if he came along. What makes matters worse is that the council agreed with it. So I end up bringing him with me on the private jet to the goblins new hideout. Right as soon as I bring him on the jet he makes me look bad. The pilot couldn't find his keys so Ricky just comes up and makes them poof out of nowhere. "Wow!" said Adam "I can only make my stuff disappear." "Yeah, he's pretty good." commented Frostagian. "At least Ziggy and Zany are on my side." I thought. It turns out I spoke too soon. Next thing I know he's giving my wyverns massages and telling Adam and Frostagian tips on casting spells. And here come the comments. "Hey Archmage! Did you know your 7 year old cousin is better at magic than you are?" Marveled Adam "Yeah, and did you know that he won the Wizard country competition?" added Frostagian. "We are at the pick up spot for Tom Berserkerblade" came the pilot's electronic voice from the speaker above. Ziggy and Zany were so calm they didn't even flinch. Boy I can't wait till this mission is over. When we stopped the door opened and in came a half-dragon. His skin was dark green, his eyes were a dark shade of amber, and you could see the overlapping scales on his skin. He was wearing mud-stained pants, a safari jacket, and the kind of hat you would find if you were on a jungle cruise. But to top it all he had a vest and belt under his jacket which were bulging with equipment that helps catch goblins. "Hello." he said in a gruff voice "The name's Tom Berserkerblade, and I'm the professional goblin hunter." Ricky puts down Ziggy and Zany and stands up to inspect the goblin hunter. He looks him up and down and says in a sarcastic tone, "Really? The Net Bound 3.0? Only an amateur would carry around outdated gear like that." I was horrified "Excuse me?" said Tom "I am so sorry about that!" I said hastily bringing my cousin back to his seat. "He doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut." The rest of the plane trip went along terribly. Tom and Ricky had a bragging contest, and my cousin sure wasn't helping out with the situation. When we finally got to our destination all that anyone could talk about was Ricky. We get out our gear and get ready to go but something happened. I started to feel the ground shake. Apparently everyone else felt it too. They were all holding on to something. Suddenly huge cracks in the ground appeared right under the jet. The pilot opened the door and got us all out before the ground swallowed up the jet. "Is everyone all right?" asked the pilot. Everyone groaned in response which thankfully meant none of us were dead. "That was close!" said Adam in short choppy breaths. "Yeah, way too close." agreed Frostagian. "But look!" I exclaimed. "That opening must lead to the goblins new hideout!" "How are we going to get all the way down there!" complained Adam. "After that rope incident I don't really trust the grappling hooks." "That's easy." said Ricky the bother. "All we have to do is cast the flying sandal spell." "Huh?" I said "It's on your list of spells the council gave you. Any smart wizard would know that." Ricky said in the most Smart Alec tone he could make. I glared at him and opened the list of spells. Ricky was right, as usual. I found the flying sandal spell in the middle of the list, and started to read it out loud. "The Greek god Hermes knew all sorts of things, So help us be like him and let our sandals sprout wings." I looked down at my shoes, and at first nothing happened. But then I could see wings come out of the sides of my shoes! Looking around I saw that everyone else had wings on their shoes too. "Well? Shall we fly?" Ricky asked looking at me with a mocking stare. We took off from the ground and began to descend down the dark chasm. We found a nice spot somewhere down and decided to camp there for the night. So we set up tents and hit the hay. I'm certainly not enjoying this mission.
11/19/2009 06:33:50 am

I've decided that I hate Ricky. He's so annoying!And Tom is my best friend, FYI.


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