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Hey Wizard and Dragon fans! OMG! I'm so sorry I forgot to put up a blog post on Christmas! Lesson learned. Never underestimate the power of a busy Christmas! Anyway, tomorrow is "New Year's Eve"!!! I'm sooo excited! By the way, on January 1st, 2010, I will announce the winners of the drawing competition! YAY!!!!! So if anyone has any last minute drawings they want to enter, send them in! I got tons of cool Christmas stuff! Did you? If you got anything cool from the holiday you celebrate send me a picture of it. when you send it please use a pen name, and not your real name. I will be putting up pictures of my Christmas presents sometime soon. And another thing, someone has sent a question to Ziggy and Zany. Ziggy and Zany will talk about it this Friday. So, on Friday, when you have the time, check in on "Ask Ziggy and Zany" for the answer to the reader's question. Might I bother you with one more thing? Good! I think you'll like this! In the joy of the season I have decided to put something new on my website..... A game page!!!!! Right now there aren't many games on it, but my dad's teaching me how to program computers! So, sometime soon I will program a game to put on the game page. When I do that I will tell you in the "Dragon's Blog"! I can hardly wait for my next adventure! Go on now! Go check out the "Game" page. See if you like it. Comment on this post, (or email me) If there's something you think I should add, change, or get rid of. Have a good day! Remember, you'll hear from me on January 1st, 2010. See ya! :)

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