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Well hi wizard and dragon fans. It's been a while and I finally decided this morning that I should go back in the temple. Yeah I know what you're thinking "took a while for him to figure that out." yes it did but Ziggy and Zany weren't really helpful on that decision saying stuff like, "Don't tell me your thinking of going back there again what if there is a giant tisilion next time?" (the tisilions are an ancient dragon hunting species) or, "If you make me go back in there I'm going to light your head on fire." or, "I'm hungry and if you don't get me food I'm going to eat that computer you keep spending so much time on." So hopefully you can now see that It was a hard decision to make. I sorted everything out with Ziggy and Zany so now if they want an extra large milkshake when we get home they would have to go back in with me. Oh and by the way Ziggy still has that giant gemstone with him and won't let go of it. The first time, which was also the last time, I tried to sneak it away from him... well let's just say if I had been standing in the same place for more than two seconds I would have been charcoal. So anyway during our walk to the temple nothing strange happened. I could still use my magic and Ziggy was still carrying that jewel. When we finally got to the temple I looked up at the sky having a feeling that it would be a long time before I'd see that big cerulean patch of yonder again. As we walked into the temple I got the same results with my magic as last time. Zip, zero, nothing. We proceeded farther into the temple the same way as last time, when once again we were in the room with the pedestal. I walked up to it wondering what I should do. The answer came a second later when a whole bunch of those shadow cats jumped out. "RUN!" I shouted. Ziggy, Zany, and I split up, jumping and ducking as if our life's depended on it. (which they did) I was almost about to get tired out when I tripped and looked up. I found a staircase leading up to a large statue of a shadow cat head. There was a giant jewel for one eye but the other one seemed to be missing. Suddenly I understood everything! "THROW ME THE JEWEL" I shouted to Ziggy. "BUT IT IS MINE!" he shouted back in dragonese. "I JUST NEED TO BORROW IT! GIVE IT HERE OR YOU'LL BE KILLED BY THOSE CATS IN A MATTER OF MINUTES!" Ziggy pondered over this awhile. "QUICKLY!" I shouted. "Okay okay." muttered Ziggy. With much effort Ziggy tossed me the gemstone. I caught it and ran up the staircase with all the strength left in me. When I reached the top I tried to put the jewel back in but it felt as if there was an invisible force pushing against it keeping it from going into place. The shadow cats were closing in on me. I pushed with all my might and it finally clicked in place. Then the giant statue shined brightly having light radiate through the entire room. Suddenly all the Shadow cats looked dazed and walked back to where they had jumped out from the darkness. You see? That statue was actually a shrine and something knocked the other gemstone eye out and onto that pedestal. There was probably a magical field around it causing it to float. As soon as the gemstone was knocked out the cats went into a rage striking down everything in it's path. The cats probably weren't strong enough to push the gemstone in so it stayed there on the pedestal. I couldn't use my magic because of the reaction of the jewel coming into contact with the magical field. *phew* that enough info for you? Well what happened next was simple the cats pulled a few levers and a teleportal hole opened. I guess that was their way of saying thanks for putting the gemstone back. Ziggy, Zany, and I jumped through the hole and it teleported us to the wizard council. I told them the whole story and they sent me home I had a wonderful back at home party and now I'm getting sleepy *yawn* goodnight readers *ZZZZZZZZZZZ*
anonymous yet awesome history teacher
9/23/2009 04:27:31 am

I am SO glad you three are finally home! I'm sure your family was quite concerned. it sounds like training dragons is a lot like training dogs. I've never trained dragons of course, but I know some dogs can be very tricky. They are always taking things that will get them into trouble, although my dog has yet to take a gem! He usually sticks to stealing toys or something. Please continue to keep us up to date on your dragons antics. Maybe I can learn some new training techniques!

10/9/2009 11:47:10 am

i have been posting but chaingeing my name (1 of them is that mystery person) i try not to sound like me so bye!


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