Archmage DragonRider

first of all I think that dragons and wizards totally rock :) second of all I think my two pet wyverns Zany and Ziggy need a bath but thats off subject. Anyway everyday I will be posting messages about wizards, dragons, and how my pet wyverns are doing. (though whats so important about them I'll never know oh and please don't tell them I said that) Sometimes I will be on a vacation like normal people and won't be able to post notes. But I will post a note when I am going on vacation so enjoy the nonstop daily posts by me :)
9/9/2009 09:12:48 am

what are wyverns?

10/21/2009 07:14:01 am

Wyverns are dragond with 2 hind legs and 2 wings where the front legs would be.


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