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Hey Wizard and Dragon fans! Calm down! Just because the title of this post is "December 1st" it doesn't mean I time traveled to the future to see what kind of a day it will be! Although that does sound like a good idea. Oh well, guess that's just another thing to add to my to do list. WOW! My to do list is so empty that on it I wrote down "write stuff on to do list" Hm. I guess I'm usually so busy fighting goblins, and doing missions for the council that I never plan anything to do on the days that I'm not doing wizard work. Hey! I have an idea! Oh it's great!!! Okay everyone, I have something to do. In fact YOU are part of it! Yes you heard right, YOU readers are going to be part of my fun. The whole thing will be about you, and it will be an event on behalf of the winter holidays! That includes Christmas, Hannakah, Kwanza, or whatever holiday you celebrate in the winter. But for now I can't tell you anything else it will be a great surprise! And I will post it on December 1st! (Hm? What's with all the excitement?) Aaagggggghhh!!!!! You're not supposed to be here! I thought this was your Tuesday nap time?!?! (Well I couldn't get any rest with all the thinking going on in your nogin, and- wait. Is this an fun blog thing for the readers? Oooh! this is cool!) Aaagggggghhh!!!!! Go back to bed!!! (No, no this is interesting! Woah! that looks fun! Your not telling them now? They're 'gonna kill you if you don't tell them this. They're way too anxious listening to this conversation anyway.) Well you're making them! Now go away! (Nah! They should hear what you have planned for them rigth here, right now.) It's supposed to be a surprise! If you tell them You're going to be one sad little part of my mind that will wish itself non existence! (Hey that's actually a pretty good idea!) Wishing your self into non existence? (No, just telling them! Thanks!) Nooo!!! (Ok here's the scoop!) LA! LA! LA! LA! LAA! LAAA! (There is going to be a big-) "There is a chatter-box coming from the south, use this duct-tape I have near me wrap it 'round, and 'round his mouth!" (*WRIP!* MM! MMM! M!) Phew! that was way too close! Sorry readers you'll just have to wait untill December 1st. But still, remember to look at my website when that day comes. You should tell all your friends about it too! They'll have as much funas you do now, watching youtube vid's, looking at pictures of wizards and dragons 'which I will put up soon by the way', and reading the dangerous, yet somehow hilarious, adventures of Me, Frostagian, Adam, Tom, and of course who would ever forget the annoying- Whoops! I mean the wonderful little angels, Ziggy and Zany! But just between you and me, the real nicknames I give them are, The Gruesome Twosome. Now remember, on December 1st I don't want you to waist any of your valuable time, so don't even try bringing up my blog page every two minutes. I will just submit my blog post at 3:00 pm. Wait a sec..... Wow, most of you are usually out of school by 3:00 anyway so I guess this isn't really a problem for anybody going to a public school. Sorry for all of you home schooled readers. Trust me I know how it feels I'm home schooled too. Anyway, keep looking at my website between today, and December 1st. I will still be putting out blog posts pretty much every day in the time it takes for december 1st to come. So coming to the end of this blog post I want you to remember to #1 tell all your friends about my website, and the special thing happening on December 1st, #2 only check my website for the special event on December 1st at 3:00 pm, and finally #3 keep checking my website between now, and December 1st. Now I'm off to go feed Ziggy and Zany. Wait! Not before I write down, "Take duct-tape off conscience's mouth." on my to do list. But for now, I think I'll leave him as he is. I'ts nice to have a little peace and quiet once in a while.
11/24/2009 05:04:46 am

(I should tell you that there is going to be an a-)DON'T TELL THEM!IT MUST BE A SURPRISE!*Tapes conscious to mental wall*(MMF!MM MM MF!)I should put 'untape conscious' in my things-to-do list-NOT!


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