Archmage DragonRider

Hey Wizard and Dragon fans! Okay, just a recap to see if you remember what's happening so far. I get an enchanted Venus flytrap from my Secret Santa, The council calls Frostagian, Adam, Tom, and me to investigate mysterious tremors in Austin, Texas, and now we're trapped on one side of a cliff with an ominous feeling around us. Everybody caught up now? Good, then let's continue. "I think somebody doesn't want us to leave just yet." I said. "Yeah, you think?" said Adam. "I guess we have no choice but to follow the tunnel, and continue our mission." said Tom "We could stay here, and try to get the pilot's attention so we can go home." Adam pleaded, hopefully. Everyone just looked at him "Just joking." he chuckled. So, we made the descent into the deep, dark tunnel, not knowing what awaited us near the end. It was pretty quiet, not to mention dark. I held up my wand at the front of the line, and cast a spell. An orb made of pure, bright, light leaped from the tip of my wand. The sudden brightness made Audrey jump, and he slammed his head into mine. "L-l-lousy l-light!" Audrey cursed. The luminescent ball hovered at the front of the line, leading the way through the pitch black. Audrey explained that he didn't find any bugs earlier, and he wanted to go ahead to see if he could find any. I took the little monster out of my backpack, and placed him on the ground. He quickly ran ahead into the darkness, and disappeared from sight. Somewhere around ten minutes later the ground started shaking again, this time more violent than before. We grabbed on the wall, wondering if these few seconds would be our last. It died down as soon as I thought my hands were going to fall off from how hard I was holding on to the wall. Audrey came running back thinking, "Is i-it o-o-over y-y-yet?" "Is everyone alright?" the whole group mumbled in reply, and Audrey said, "I w-w-will b-be as s-s-soon as I c-catch a b-b-bug." I made a little chuckle at that remark. The orb of light had run off somewhere, but it came back still as bright as ever, although a little nervous if you ask me. We kept on walking until I heard a large sound from underneath. I looked down, and saw a small crack getting bigger by the second. I made the right decision, and jumped across the tunnel. Just in time too. Right after I jumped the ground fell right where I was standing. "ARCHMAGE!" yelled Frostagian, Adam, and Tom in unison. "I'm okay." I said weakly "Scared out of my wits, but okay" "Audrey! Audrey! Has anyone seen Audrey?" They shook their heads in response. "Oh no!" I thought. "I'm d-d-d-down h-h-here!" Audrey shouted through my thoughts. I looked down, and saw Audrey hanging by a small rock that was about to give away any second. "Audrey" I yelled. I shot my arm down where Audrey was hanging. "I can't reach you!" "Get him to grab your wand!" shouted Tom. I took my wand out of my pack. "The r-r-rock is br-breaking!" Audrey shouted through my mind again. I reached out my wand to Audrey, but the rock broke away... I looked over the edge, thinking that Audrey wouldn't be there. But I found something different. There was Audrey, leafy hands grasped to my wand for dear life. "P-p-pull m-me up!" Audrey stammered in my mind. "B-b-before I f-f-f-fall!" I pulled him back up, and hugged the little green monster. "Don't do that again!" I said. "Shall we go now?" said Frostagian, tapping her foot. "Right, of course." Frostagian, Adam, and Tom jumped over the gap in the tunnel, while I put Audrey back in my pack, and we continued marching. Finally, after what seemed like forever, we came into a large cavern lit with torches. I sucked the ball of light back into my wand, and looked at what was ahead. Dozens of trolls with large clubs were whacking the ground making tremors. Suddenly something grabbed me by the shoulders. We were caught. The trolls brought us to a large chair, where right there sat someone I hoped to never see again. My evil seven year old cousin, Ricky. "Well, well, well, who do we have here?" said Ricky innocently. "Hello Ricky." I growled coldly. Audrey jumped out of my backpack, and stood in front of us. "Why hello Audrey Jr. You have failed me." "Huh? What do you mean?" I asked. "You haven't figured it out yet? My, my, cousin, you're much dumber than I take you for. You see, I sent you Audrey Jr. with only one goal. To terminate you." "Audrey?" I said. Audrey looked down guiltily. I didn't want to believe a bit of it. "Ricky must be lying! He has to be!" I thought. "He was the one who cut the bridge down. The one who started the gap that was supposed to swallow you up. And the one who failed me." "Do you know what I do to failures?" Audrey shuddered. "I destroy them" Ricky raised his wand and threw a fireball at Audrey, who ran away before he got incinerated. "Shall we go after him?" one of the trolls asked Ricky. "I'll deal with the coward later, but for now I want to enjoy every last minute of my cousin, Archmage's, execution." Ricky raised his wand, beams of light shining in all directions. "Well, I guess this is good-bye." gulped Adam. "Nice knowing you guys." said Tom. "Done in by a seven year old." whispered Frostagian. Then there came a rumbling. But it wasn't  the trolls, they stopped and listened to the rumbling noise too. Ricky lost his concentration, and snapped, "What is that noise?!" Then it happened. Enchanted Venus flytraps swarmed from the walls like an armada of plants. The trolls ran away terrified of the attackers. "Stop you cowards!" Ricky yelled at the trolls, but they didn't listen. "Grr! I'm out numbered by one to a million so I call a retreat, but be warned cousin! I'll be back!" Ricky shouted a spell, and disappeared. Then Audrey came up to me, head bent in shame. I knew what he wanted to say. So I picked him up and said, "I except your apology." And Audrey smiled. We found a way back to the jet, and reported back to the council. I went home tired yet again. My family set up the ornaments on the Christmas tree, and I went to bed setting Audrey in a pot of soil. He found it to be comfortable enough for him, and fell asleep easily. I hope you enjoyed this post reader. Tomorrow is Christmas eve, and the day after tomorrow is Christmas day. On Christmas day I will make a post on what I got, and If you get anything really awesome take a picture of it and send it to me using the email address:
                                                [email protected]
Merry Christmas, or Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, or whatever holiday you celebrate!
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Couldn't we have stopped at Toronto on the way back home? I have a friend who moved there that i need to call today.

25 days til my b-day!

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is shortly

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good post


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