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"Hey Wyvern lovers! My name is Ziggy!"   'And my name is Zany!'   "Today we have a question from the 1st place winner in the drawing competition, Magic Man!"   'Nice pen name, and great drawing! I love it!'   "Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever. Let's just get to the question already! I love talking about me!"   'What a surprise.'   "I heard that!"   'You were meant to!'   "Anyway, here's the question."

                                                                'Dear Ziggy and Zany,
                                                                 What is your favorite type of food?
                                                                         Magic Man'

"Well magic man, if you've read all of Archmage's blog posts you for a fact that we LOVE MILKSHAKES!!!!!!!!!!"   'I don't think milkshakes can really be considered a food'   "What?!"   'It's more like a feast, fit for gods'   "Oh, in that case I agree with you. Milkshakes, definitely not food. Okay then, thanks for the question Magic Man. Bye humans!"   'Wait! We're not done yet! We still haven't answered Magic Man's question!'   "Oh, come on! All this talk about milkshakes is killing me! If I don't eat I'll bite my foot off!"   'Oh no. What a horror.'   "I think I hear sarcasm."   'Maybe that's because it is sarcasm.'   "Grrr!"   'Why don't we try and answer the question now? Hm?'   "Fine!"   'Well, since milkshakes aren't really a food I guess my favorite food would be... Grapes!'   "My favorite food is better, because it is..... Carrots! Archmage says they're good for your vision."   'You do realize that if you take away the first part of, carrot, you get the word, rot. Right? As in, carrots really rot!'   "Well... um... er... Oh, yeah! If you take away the first part of, grape, you get, ape! Like, If you eat this you become as stinky as an ape!"   'What? That doesn't make any sense!'   "Yes it does! But you're to dumb to know that, because the ape smell has affected your brain!"   'What? No! I'm completely normal!'   "Oh. So you're naturally stupid?"   'You little-'   "Sorry folks. That's all the time we have for today!"   'Get over here, so I can stuff your fat head into the garbage disposal!!!!!!!!!!'   "See'ya!" *CRASH!*    *BANG!*    *FIZZLE...*
1/5/2010 05:52:45 am

-Those dragons sound fun. I like celery.But milkshakes are THE BEST.-(Now Xyla has some sense in her.)shutupconscious*BOOMS AND BANGS AND THAT TYPE STUFF*

-PS: I am Xyla.-

2/17/2010 02:04:25 am

hey ziggy & zanny
i cant believe im askin this...
which d0 u lik better:
-Archmage >-(

7/13/2012 01:23:08 am

Good article dude


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    Ziggy, and Zany are two little Wyverns, curious, and hungry for adventure! These Wyverns travel around with the wizard, Archmage, who posts all of his great adventures on the "Dragon's Blog". Now it's time to talk to these two little monsters yourself!


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